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The Mosely’s home at 1206 Deering St. in Cleveland.

Christmas is a time all about love and joy and remembering when God brought his son Jesus into the world.
"I want to kind of stress to kids what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about Jesus," said Rayburn Mosley.
Rayburn has been a resident of Cleveland since 1962 and around of the first of every November, he begins decorating his home with lights for the holiday season.
"It's for the kids. I do it for them.
"The children would stop by all the time and always wanted to know when I was going to put the lights up. I never put up any Santa Clauses or anything because I also want them to know that Christmas is about Jesus."
Rayburn added with a smile, "Jesus is the reason for the season."
Rayburn said when people pass his home to look at the lights, he hopes they will notice and pay attention to the Nativity scenes that are on display in his yard.
Rayburn said he added a new multi-colored Nativity scene this year and it is his favorite, along with a white string Christmas tree with over 100 multi-colored bulbs.
"When I added the new Nativity scene, I had it out close to the road, but I had a little trouble with people throwing stuff at it, so I had to move it back a little bit," Rayburn said.
The Nativity is considered one of the most powerful displays during Christmas time because it symbolizes the birth of Jesus.
Rayburn's new Nativity scene displays Baby Jesus in a manger, his mother, Mary, father, Joseph and a baby sheep.
Rayburn said, "It also gives you something to be thankful for during the holidays.
"So I turn my lights on for the first time on Thanksgiving night because Thanksgiving to me is first and then Christmas. You just have to be thankful for what you got.
"So I turn my lights on."
Rayburn's front yard decorations consist of over 10,000 Christmas lights.
The yard features candy-cane lights that line the yard, two Nativity scenes with the other located in the front center of the yard with a sign that reads "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" and three Italian Cypress trees with the tallest covered in over 5,000 red lights.
Rayburn has blue icicles lights hang from the house, multi-colored and blue lights drape over the bushes, blue lights line each front window and red lights circle around each porch column.
"He's 80-years-old and he climbs on top of the house decorating," said Rayburn's wife Jean.
Rayburn said, "I used to get on the ladder, but I didn't this year, I just climbed on top of the house, stayed there while laying over and hooking the lights until I was finished."
Jean said she checked on Rayburn while he was on top of the roof.
"They fuss at me," Rayburn said with a laugh.
"They fuss at me for getting on top of the house to put the lights up there but somebody's got to it."
When Rayburn and Jean first moved on 1206 Deering St., they both agreed that they did not decorate as much as they do now.
Jean said, "Every year now, Rayburn tries to add something new to the yard."
Rayburn said most of the front lights are LED and he likes those better because they are cost-effective and they appear to be much brighter than regular lights.
"They also used about 80 percent less electricity than the regular lights.
"In fact, a string of 100 lights on the regular lights, you can hook five or six lights together, and on the LED lights, you can hook 30 or 40 strings and they don't use much voltage."
Jean said, "The children or someone usually gives him a card so he can go and get more. He's got boxes of Christmas lights he's never even opened."
Rayburn said he likes to purchase them when they go on sale after the holidays.
Rayburn and Jean also talked about how they love spending Christmas with their kids and great-grandkids and how they all decorated the Christmas tree inside the house together.
The Mosley's Christmas tree has close to 1,000 multicolored lights.
"I put the lights on it, and I let them put the ornaments and things on it,” said Rayburn.
Jean said many of the ornaments they have on the tree are special because their kids and grandkids decorated many of them.
Rayburn said, "We just enjoy the time we have with our grandkids.
"They think this is their house too," Rayburn added with a laugh.
Rayburn said he believes his grandkids and great-grandkids are what keeps him and his wife going.
The couple has been retired for over 18 years from Baxter Healthcare and enjoys every moment they spend with their kids and grandkids.
"We have two girls, but we've got six grandkids, 13 great-grandkids and one great-great-grandchild who lives across the street and over here everyday," said Rayburn.
The couple's great-grea-grandchild Paxton Partridge said he enjoys Christmastime with his grandparents.
He said his favorite Christmas decorations in the yard were the candy canes and the colorful Nativity display and said, "That's my favorite too."
"I really believe that younger kids will make you stay a little younger. They are really good for you and good for your health too," said Rayburn.
Rayburn said he plans to continue decorating his home.
Rayburn said, "I've been active all my life. I've been blessed with good health, and I really still enjoy doing it.
"I look forward to putting the light ups, I just hope I would be able to do it until I'm 90."
The Mosley's home is located at 1206 Deering St. and their lights are on from 5-10:30 p.m. every night.

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