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The members of JFK United will have to wait two more weeks to find out if the injunction they filed against North Bolivar Consolidated School District will be granted.
The issue was to be heard Wednesday in Cleveland and was postponed with the judging citing a family emergency.
The injunction is set to be heard April 25 in Clarksdale.
JFK United is a group of concerned Mound Bayou citizens and alumni of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School in Mound Bayou who oppose the trustees' Jan. 22 decision to consolidate the two high schools.
The injunction is a request to halt all action to merge.
According to Superintendent Maurice Smith, the district spends about 95 percent of its budget on personnel, which is higher than the norm.
At the January meeting, Smith said, "We have roughly, nearly $28 million worth of needs with a bonding capacity of $4 million," and it would take over $5 million just to renovate each school.
Smith said there are 22 classrooms at both Brooks and JFK and there are two rooms in each school unused.
He said there are 32 classrooms at I.T. Montgomery and two rooms are empty.
Shelby Middle School has 27 classrooms and three are empty.
Broad Street High School has 32 classrooms and 15 are not being used.
It was decide Broad Street would become the high school since it had the most recent work done on the building.
JFK United also submitted a petition to the school board requesting an election on incurring debt to work on the school buildings.
Smith said Bolivar County Circuit Clerk Marilyn Kelly had certified the names on the petition and sent it back to him.
“The constitution is clear in its directive to the Circuit Clerk and as the circuit clerk, I’m only authorized to qualify eligible electors (voters who are active registered voters in the North Bolivar Consolidated School District) on this submitted petition,” said Kelly in a statement released Tuesday.
Smith added that JFK United did not obtain enough signatures to hold an election and that the money he is looking at acquiring through a bond would be used to make repairs at all schools.
“The roof at I.T. Montgomery has to be fixed. I’m not talking buckets; I’m saying we’re using tubs the roof leaks so much. It needs to be done,” he said.
The next school board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday in Shelby.

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