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There will be a Parade of Hornets in Mound Bayou on May 26 as the classes from John F. Kennedy High School from 1964 to 2018 gather together in a celebration.
Nusce Hall, a 2014 graduate, made the decision to host this parade to bring the students and alumni together.
"This could possibly be the last class they have to graduate under JFK so the event is the Saturday before graduation. We want to do a parade and all of the classes from 1964 until the last class," he said.
Anyone can participate and after the parade, which will be the normal homecoming route, there will be an old-fashion tailgating on the green strip in Mound Bayou.
"Want to reach out to the community and bring everyone together. We want to bridge the gap between the older generation and the younger generation," said Hall.
With some tensions high as North Bolivar Consolidated School District continues to push for the consolidation of JFK and Broad Street High School in Shelby, Hall said he wants to show support to the hornets.
"Once the school ends, the economy can go bad. I want to try to do what I can," said Hall.
He added his son will be turning five this month and he knows how important it is for a child to have a support system in place as they go through the many milestones in life.
This led Hall to want to make sure the JFK graduates know they are loved and supported by the community and he hopes to see them move on to do great things.
"We want to show support to these students and put some positive conversation in the community and that they have the potential to do the best they can.
"A computer has the potential to do a lot of things but you’ve got to put action behind it. Someone is going to have to actually rise to action to do some good.
I'm hoping we have a spark that ignites that fire," said Hall.
As mentioned in his flyer, "This is an opportunity to come together and display Hornet pride and pay tribute to the 'nest' that has produced many great people. The work invested, the time spent, and the lessons taught at JFK are too great to allow this opportunity to pass."
Line up for the parade begins at 10:45 a.m. and the parade will start at 11 a.m.
Hall wants as many JFK students to participate including all JFK classes, JFK Homecoming Queens, churches, businesses, Greek organizations, car and motorcycle clubs, families, and individuals.
For additional information and to confirm an entry for the parade, contact hall at 662-719-0356.

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