Put trash where you should

It’s sad but true. Life is made up of a thousand things we don’t want to do. Putting the cap back on the toothpaste; washing the dishes; making the bed; folding the laundry; AND
Taking out the trash.
As adults we usually discover that all the above have some kind of merit, though they are not the most exciting part of our day. Who really enjoys taking the heavy stinky trash bag or can to the street? No one. It’s five minutes in a day that could be spent otherwise.
However not taking the garbage out opens up a whole other can of worms (which could be literal), plus stinkiness, vermin, insects, dogs and disease.
Cleveland contracts with RES, our garbage collectors, to pick up resident garbage twice a week. This service is paid for through the water bill.
So why, when the service comes out of a household budget, would anyone bag up their garbage and carry or drive it to a city pumping station for dumping.
Ray Bell, Cleveland Public Works director, told aldermen this week, "When they first put in this station, a big rain come through and part of it (the ditch) washed in and a lot of stuff settled in the pump station. The issue now is that people are using it for a dump station. There is about two or three hundred feet of open ditch. If they miss the garbage truck I guess they are just bringing their trash there.
"People throw garbage bags in the ditch, animals tear up the bags and all of the trash is ending up on top of the sediment in this pump station. There is so much trash in there the vacuum truck can't pick it all up. Every time it rains, we have to have someone there because the pump can't work properly with all of the trash floating around it," he continued.
There are several ways to combat missing trash pickup: 1) Wait until the next trash day; 2) Put the trash out the night before; and 3) Wake up earlier in the morning to get the trash to the street.
What could possibly be going on in a household that taking a trash bag to a city built, taxpayer funded flood protection station is easier than carrying the bag to the street curb?
When the rain comes, and it always does, it will be you paying when your home floods because the station isn’t able to its job.
Stop throwing trash where it doesn’t belong.