City looks at adding speed bumps on Aloe


Updates on the caboose downtown and the discussion of speed bumps were on the agenda at Tuesday's Cleveland Board of Aldermen meeting.

Rev. Leroy Carter of Old St. Phillip Church spoke of concerns about the Aloe Street traffic and requested rubber speed breakers. The boardroom was filled with church members and those living in that neighborhood.

"Vehicles are racing down the street and young men are driving sporadically sometimes patrolmen can't be there all the time," said Carter.

Carter told the board a petition had been signed for speed breakers but he heard through word of mouth that the board would not approve the request for fear of the breakers tearing cars up.

Alderman Ted Campbell said, "Between the hours of three and six is when you see most of the traffic there. Somebody is going to get hurt if something isn't done."

"We aren't worried about damaging cars. There's nothing over a life so please know that we aren't worried about damaging cars versus a life," said Alderman Danny Abraham.

Police Chief Buster Bingham said, "There's a little confusion as to what the speed limit was. There's a 20 miles per hour sign on one end of the road and a 30 miles per hour sign on the other end."

Alderman Gary Gainspoletti said, "If the people don't mind then let's put a speed bump there."

All of the aldermen were in favor of helping slow down the traffic in the area and place signs showing speed bumps had been added.

A motion was made to have Cleveland Public Works Director Ray Bell and Bingham to look at the area and see what the best solution would be in regards to placing speed bumps and fixing speed limit signs.

Lisa Miller, director of the Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum, gave an update on the caboose to be purchased for downtown Cleveland.

"The wheels for the caboose are hard to find but there is a compatible set at the port," said Miller.

Janoush said the board should talk to the port commission about getting the wheels for the caboose and then discuss placement of the caboose.

Gainspoletti was concerned with the caboose blocking the museum but said, "It's going to be a great addition, and there's no question."

The board will meet at the museum and look at the best area for the caboose. Miller and others believe beside the cotton patch in front of the museum would be best.

Miller said she has also spoken to Robinson Electric. "We need some lighting in there and possibly a security system.

"We've expanded our hours to mornings and afternoons for the trains to run to accommodate the summer traffic and some programs that we'll have. It'll be nice to not have to say come back this afternoon to see the trains run. We'll still close for lunch," she said.

Farae Wolfe, city administrator, requested to paint Cleveland City Hall's exterior.

The board approved her request to move forward with the best and lowest bid.

Gainspoletti also wanted to remind residents to watch for golf carts being driven through neighborhoods.

"We need to keep an eye on these golf carts and dogs in the streets. Those golf carts are every where now," he said. 

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