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Actors sought for historic production


Actor Tom Moses will end his time in Mound Bayou this weekend as he continues his search for actors to be in the play "Before the Dream."

"It’s a play based on black history. We are doing this play in relationship to the town of Mound Bayou. It has something to do with the project they are doing and this play will allow them to raise some local funds," he said.

Moses said he has acted for several years and began a career with Saved by the Bell. His daughter, an actor as well, will also be in the play.

"My daughter has a new series that is airing right now, Containment, she is Christina Moses. We need more white characters to play John F. Kennedy, John Brown, and several different white actors young and old. I also need a young white girl as well about six years old. There are so many parts involved in this piece. I want to pursue the hall of fame with this particular piece, I don’t know how I'll do that but I’ll pursue it," he said.

Stars such as Marla Gibbs and Kathleen Bradley will be involved in the play.

"I have a host of actors that I can bring here. I want to pack it with stars so the people here get the process of working with professionals and realize they are just good people. I'm looking forward to someone going to Hollywood out of this community. There is no real theatre here, at least for African Americans. I want to teach workshops and such," he said.

Every Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. auditions will be at city hall in Mound Bayou on the second floor.

"We're going to get rehearsals done and we're going to rock the town," he said.