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cleveland boardCleveland school trustees look over a proposal presented to the board Monday.

A facilitator for the Multi-Racial Advisory Committee presented a plan to the Cleveland School District Board of Trustees Monday that will help students transition into the new school year.

Committee member Patrick Davis said he and the other members discussed an athletic advisory committee, the curriculum and academics, and the traditions and customs that they will like the board to take into consideration.

"When we first started, we walked in and we had people that represented the Department of Justice, that represented the board members, that represented the school, and we all had different opinions.”

Davis said the committee worked together to visit both facilities and to look for ideas that will be presented to the board.

"What you are getting is not a solution to the challenges that we face, but what you will find is some things to give you a foundation to provide to the principles on how to help us to move to where we are and to where we need to be," Davis said.

When the Multi Racial Committee looked over the curriculum and academics, they saw that there would be a lot of things the students will need to further their education.

Davis said, "We looked at some of the classes that we offer our young people today, and we feel like there are some other items that we need to give them."

Davis said these items would prepare them more for the ACT, for college, and to prepare them for all other endeavors in life.

"We presented what we thought will give them their best chance and preparation for their tomorrow," said Davis.

The committee discussed the differences and similarities of both high school campuses as well.

"We in some regards wanted to make sure that we held on to some of the things that were good and represented our young people lives while they are in high school," Davis said.

Davis told the board after they review the proposals the committee would like to return to make a presentation.

Davis said, "We don't want to come in and give you a partial representation on what we've worked so hard for over the last three to four months.

"We all worked really, really hard together to put together what we thought was in the best interest of all our children," said Davis.


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