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griersonPrincipal Randy Grierson

Randy Grierson, the new principal for Cleveland Central High School, hosted a meeting for parents, students, and faculty on Monday to discuss plans for the upcoming school year.

After having faculty stand for recognition, and students and parents do the same, Grierson began the meeting with the mission statement.

“The mission of Cleveland Central High School is to assist students, teachers, and all stakeholders in providing a structured rigorous and relevant education that prepares ‘all’ students to be college and/or career ready in an environment that is student-centered with safety being top priority.”

Grierson said he is passionate about his job and will be personally creating all schedules for students and wants to know where all students are at all times.

“Safety is a top priority,” he said. “I love kids and any child can succeed at something … I believe in servant leadership. None of these people work for me. I work for these people. I support this school and this school district.”

He explained to the large crowd that the biggest obstacle for the school will be negativity and he wants to make this a positive experience moving forward.

Grierson went through all of the many sports and clubs that will be available as well as potentially new clubs and after school activities.

“I’ll never take away any of the things kids want. I want to put them in a situation they want to be a part of,” he said.

Grierson emphasized the importance of parent involvement and he wants to see more parents on Active Parent, the online website allowing parents to view their child’s grades and discipline.

“If we can talk to each other and not about each other we can solve a lot of problems. Students, I expect you to be accountable. Period. Learn to go above and beyond,” he said.

Grierson said the high school will be split amongst the CHS and Margaret Green campus with 11th and 12th at CHS and 9th and 10th at MGJH but students will mix and cross as they take different classes. There will be one grade per night for an orientation, allowing parents to meet teachers and walk through schedules.

“The whole process will be based around the students,” he said.

Other offerings will include dual enrollment and AP courses. Grierson said he wants to see students stay at school a bit longer during their senior year to get dual credits for college.

“We want to provide these dual enrollment courses for kids instead of them just going home,” he said.

He ended the meeting asking for a positive attitude and also announcing a new cell phone policy for the school. Student will not be allowed cell phones on campus during the school day.

His reasoning was to fight against any sort of bullying through social media and if parents need students they can call his personal cell phone number, which he provided.

Students won’t need access to their cell phones for the Internet, as all classrooms will have chrome books.

“If there is an idea you have, email me, text me, call me. I will make myself available,” he said.

After the meeting, Grierson said he was pleased with the turnout. “I was excited to see this many people. It was a great turn out and very positive. We’re going to move forward with positivity and have a great school year,” he said.


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