Latest Anderson pieces exhibit at DAA Featured

Rick Anderson, a local artist and Delta State University alum, will share his latest paintings at the Delta Arts Alliance beginning Thursday.

The DAA will hang 76 of his paintings varying in size and ranging in price points.

According to Rori Herbison, executive director for the DAA, "Rick Anderson is a veteran of the art game in Mississippi. He has a long-standing relationship with our organization and we are thrilled to be exhibiting so many of his exquisite pieces inside the Ellis Gallery."

Anderson said he is pleased to showcase his work at home.

"Being invited 'back home' to exhibit my art is a tremendous compliment. I grew up in Clarksdale, attained my Master of Arts in Education degree at Delta State, spent my first five years teaching in Greenville, so my roots have grown deep in the Delta. I am so excited to be invited back to where my art career began," said Anderson. 

Herbison said it almost impossible for a person visiting the exhibit to solidly declare only a single painting as their favorite.

"It is an impossible task. The more time you engage with a painting, the more you notice, the more you are drawn to, the more you see different perspectives. You become mesmerized with each piece and the details - small, purposeful, truthful.

"They combine in masterful ways and magical weavings to tell such captivating tales of this area we are fortunate to call home. Rick's art is soulful. It's as if you can see the paintings breathing, inhaling their surroundings and exhaling haunting honesty," said Herbison.

Not only is Anderson the current exhibit, he has been named this year's featured artist of the 48th Annual Crosstie Arts & Jazz Festival. 

"Being selected as the Featured Crosstie Artist; Crosstie Jazz and Art Festival has a special place in my heart. When I first began exhibiting there, we actually displayed our work on old cotton trailers. That gave the festival a certain character. I recently ran across an old photograph during this period. It brought back smiles and great memories.  To be selected as the Featured Crosstie Artist is a high honor. Through the years I have made close friendships of many artists and art patrons. How wonderful is that," said Anderson.

Herbison said, "I applaud Crosstie and its leadership in recognizing Rick, his loyalty to this town's long-standing festival and moreover, his contributions to this state's rich artistic talent," said Herbison.

Anderson has created art for 45 years and Herbison believes his longevity is reason for inspiration for any budding artist.

"He has parlayed his love of art into a teaching career, having been a perennial member of both Mississippi ArtsCommission's Teaching Roster and Artist Roster. He understands the business of art, he is dogged in his marketing and promotion. Rick Anderson works with such fervor and passion. He has to create, as much as he has tobreathe.

"That's the lesson in spending time with his pieces. That's the value in coming to the exhibition and meeting Rick and seeing him again at Crosstie," said Herbison.

Anderson said, "As an art educator I am so very proud of the work the Delta Arts Alliance does. Doing what the Delta Arts Alliance does is no easy task. It takes dedication and hard work. which pays off on a daily basis.  To have been invited to display my work in this space is such an honor.  It is my plan to continue my special relationship with the Delta Art Alliance, and look forward to many more years," said Anderson. 

The exhibit will run through Crosstie and pieces are available on Friday. 


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