Cleveland School District moves forward with plans Featured

Representatives of Cleveland School District, and other interested parties, met by telephone Friday with US District Judge Debra Brown to discuss the adoption of Cleveland’s Modified Plan and the future of the district.

According to court documents, “On March 17, 2017, this Court convened a telephonic conference with the parties to discuss new implementation dates for the modified plan. In accordance with the parties’ representations at the telephonic conference, the September 22, 2016, implementation order is VACATED in part and MODIFIED in part. The order is vacated to the extent it is inconsistent with the requirements of the Adopted Plan, as modified. The order is modified such that the District must take the following actions on or before the specified deadlines.”

After which the documents lists multiple deadlines the district must keep and report to the court to show progress in the merging of the two high school and junior high schools.

The Cleveland School District is working to put all 7th-8th grade students at East Side High School in August 2017 and all 9th-12th grade students at Cleveland High and Margaret Green Junior High School.

All sixth grade students, with the exception of Bell and Hayes Cooper will return to their neighborhood schools.

School District Attorney Jamie Jacks released the following statement, “The District is now working in earnest to prepare for a successful school year as the new Cleveland Central.

“The Court has ordered certain reporting deadlines and the District should meet those deadlines which include planning public engagement efforts and planning for the preservation of the legacies of the Cleveland High and East Side High.

“The Chamber is partnering with the District in April for a Spring cleaning and freshen up the schools day, there will be more opportunities to tour the schools and a re-branding campaign is about to be under way.

“The District is excited to move forward with the new plan and would ask everyone in the community to be positive and join in the efforts to promote the new schools.”

Earlier in the school the students were given the opportunity to select and vote on a school name, mascot and colors.

The students chose Cleveland Central, Wolves, and purple and black.

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