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uniformLisa Holtz shows a sample of the new Cleveland Central Wolves band jacket.

Cleveland School District financial manager Lisa Holtz show recently showed the board of trustees a sample of the Cleveland Central Wolves band uniform that was proposed by the band directors.

Holtz said, "One of the things we have been working on very intensely because of the time frame for the last three weeks is getting uniforms, cheerleaders, yearbooks and getting branding off the ground."

Holtz said the purchase order for all football equipment and uniforms went out on Thursday.

She said the black, purple, and silver band uniforms are scheduled to come in very soon.

Holtz explained the silver on the uniform jacket is a 'C' that represents the new name, Cleveland Central.

She said, "I think these are a very pretty looking.

"We will starting working on four or five other sports that we can get a quote at one time. They have a list of sports that we are going to break it down into several quotes," said Holtz.

Holtz mentioned that once the cheerleaders are chosen they will begin working on that as well.


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