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County Engineer Josh McPherson updated the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors Monday on bids received for the bridge replacement project.

Supervisors awarded the bid for bridge No. 157 on Hiter Road over Snake Creek in Skene to McBride Company, LLC in the amount of $402,597.20.

McPherson said the project construction budget is $484,000.

"The bridge was officially closed on Jan. 19 due to degradation of the bridge substructure," said McPherson.

Construction is expected to begin around July 1.

McPherson said, "Since our most recent bridge closures from Federal Highway on Feb. 28, Bolivar County has made great strides to address all of the closed bridges and managed to re-open three bridges through the use of the Bolivar County Road Department and outside bridge contractors."

The three bridges completed were bridges on Longshot Road in Benoit.

Bridge 65 was completed on March 1 by the road department, and the bridge contractor completed bridge 66 on May 15.

The third bridge was completed on March 28 and is located in Gunnison on Warfield Road.

Five bridges are currently under construction.

Work should begin on the bridge on O'Neal Road in Beulah on for May 29, 2017.

Construction on the bridges on South Bogue Road in Cleveland and Hiter Road should begin sometime in June and July.

The Gibson Swamp Road bridge in Rosedale is currently under construction.

McPherson said bridge number 209 on Bullock Road in Mound Bayou is also currently under construction.

Another bid made during the meeting was for a new ambulance. Southwest Ambulance Sales from Kennedale, Texas, was awarded the contract after bidding $91,275.

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