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shamrockCleveland continues to board window and doors of Shamrock Apartments.

The Cleveland Board of Aldermen once again discussed the Shamrock Apartments on Jones Street.

Due to the major dilapidation of the apartment complex, they have been vacated and boarded up.

The owners of the apartment buildings filed for bankruptcy and due to legal matters it has been tied up in the court system. So the decision to renovate or tear down has not been made yet.

“One bankruptcy that had two of the buildings in it has completed and was dispensed with,” said board attorney Jamie Jacks.

Alderman Kirkham Povall said, “This thing is still in a wad of confusion but is probably going to be brought to a head this summer.”

According to Community Development Director Brett Moorman, “It’s become a very dangerous situation. The board authorized us to board it up, which did little good. They’re removing boards faster than we can put them up and we’ve actually had the contractor go back two and three times to reboard.

“The police department has an increased presence over there about every 30 minutes but they’re figuring out how to get around that.”

Greg Jackson, ClevelandFire inspector, said there have been three really bad fires.”

“We’re very concerned that it’s just a matter of time before someone gets injured or something worse happens over there. I want to throw it out there and get the city’s seal because when it does get cleared of everything do we want to tear it down?”

Moorman said he’s spoken with one of the banks involved and hasn’t heard from the other.

“Guaranty Bank’s position is that once it clears of all this they hope they can potentially foreclose,” said Moorman.

This will be a long process and Moorman said they’ve gotten some estimates with equipment rentals and tear down prices.

To tear down all buildings the estimate is $70,000 with leaving the slab and hauling the buildings off to a Class 1 landfill, which is a state requirement.

There will also be an asbestos check.

The city can’t currently do anything other than wait for the legal matters to finish in the court system.

There is only about $10,000 left in the budget for situations such as this.

“We’ve done a good bit with the money we have left but with the budget it will be small projects with what’s left this fiscal year,” said Moorman.

He said there is no water or electricity in the buildings.

Alderman Maurice Smith said the residents in the area would like to see something happen as quickly as possible, whether it be to repair the buildings or to tear them down.

“Since this is going to come a resolution during the summer, I’d think we could wait to see what happens. If no one buys it immediately let’s go ahead and tear it down and put that in next year’s budget,” said Smith.

Jacks said, “Since each building is its own separate parcel number, we can charge the tax to each building.”

Mayor Billy Nowell asked if they have done all they can about trespassers.

“We’ve posted notices to vacate but that’s really all we can do. People are going in and out. We ran but there the other day and two people ran out. It’s constant. We’ve got a long list of properties that need to be dealt with,” said Moorman.

The board agreed to discuss the property during budget and will wait for the court proceedings to be completed.

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