Supes to stop installing speed bumps on county roads Featured

The safety and installation of speed bumps on county roads was discussed during Monday's Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supervisor James McBride made a recommendation to not have any speed bumps installed.

"From the recommendation from the legal people at the Mississippi Association for Supervisors from the annual conference this year, their recommendation with the liabilities is to not to install them," said McBride.

"We are going to follow that and not install them."

Supervisor Preston Billings disagreed with the motion and said many residents in north Bolivar County are happy and feel safe with the speed bumps installed on most of their streets.

Supervisor Donny Whitten said speed bumps have been proven unsafe.

"They create an unsafe image to safe driving, and the liability on the county is unbelievable," Whitten said.

He said many emergency responders have asked that speed bumps not be installed because they can slow them down when responding to a situation.

EMA Director Bill Quinton said he has also received complaints from the ambulance service and fire department.

"We've like to lost a $300,000 fire truck on one of those speed bumps because when you put on your brakes the water is going take you forward when you're moving fast," said Quinton. "The ambulance service has to stop and slow down because it throws their equipment all over the place.

"We're asking for the ambulance service and the fire department that the speed bumps not be put down for the protection for the citizens of Bolivar County," said Quinton.

The board voted one to four to not place any more speed bumps on county roads.

Another topic discussed during the meeting was littering.

McBride and the other supervisors stressed the importance of maintaining a litter free county.

McBride said, "I think this board along with the sheriff, road department and other people, citizens in Bolivar County, we're just going to have to be more proactive and more concerned when it comes to littering."

Billings suggested a way to get the schools in Bolivar County informed on the littering problems and ways to get the kids involved.

He suggested getting someone or creating a mascot similar to the D.A.R.E mascot to come and inform kids on why littering is bad.

"I think that is something the kids will enjoy," Billings said. "In the school system now, we are stressing fun in learning."

A few years ago, Billings said he created a movement called Operation Cleanup Bolivar County where he asked elected officials and citizens to contribute in helping to keep the property and streets clean in the county.

McBride said as long as he has been on the board, he has never known anyone in the county to be fined for littering.

Whitten asked assistant road manager Lee Chatman if he has ever sent someone to justice court littering.

Chatman said if an individual decides to litter and is caught, he will give the individual two to three days to clean up, and if not, he will take them to justice court.

Billings said, "We have a beautiful county. We just have to keep it clean if we want new businesses and tourists to continue to come.

"I ask all of us to let's keep Bolivar County clean, and let's get out there and do our part," said Billings.

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