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ROSEDALE — Jennifer Wann, director of the Bolivar County Library System, and Martha Lawson, librarian of the Rosedale Public Library, appeared before the city council Tuesday to ask for help in repairing the library’s roof and the exterior siding.

Since May, a representative from the Bolivar County Public Library System has come to the board about raising money for the repairs.

Lawson invited the board to come by the library, so they can see the cosmetic issues firsthand.

“(The board) can sit there and we can tell y’all that the roof is leaking, but you won’t know how bad it is until you come in. You all need to come in and look at that library on the inside and y’all will have a much bigger idea of why we keep asking for funds. That library is very important and well utilized,” said Lawson.

In addition, Wann presented a list of repairs needed for the library

“We’re really excited that there is a citizen driven effort to raise some money to make these repairs, that’s fantastic news, but regardless whether they raise $1,000 or $5,000. These repairs desperately need to be made,” Wann said.

According to Wann, due to the condition of the roof and siding, the library has experienced several leaks, which have caused damage, and she said there is now a smell in the building.

She also said one of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units in the building has been nonoperational for years.

Wann added that the bathroom doors do not have locks.

"That's a safety issue for our community members, so we definitely want to get that fixed as soon as possible," said Wann. "It really concerns me to think about young kids or anyone being in (the bathroom) without the ability to lock the door."

Attorney Robert Crump said his wife Katherine is working with the Bolivar County Friends of the Library to help raise funds.

Wann said the Rosedale Public Library is the second busiest library in the Bolivar County system, second only to the Robinson-Carpenter Memorial Library in Cleveland.

She added that if repairs were made it could rival Cleveland.

In other business, Resident Thad Brewer was at meeting to once again to speak out about thefts in the city.

He first talked to the council in June concerning multiple break-ins at his property.

"Rosedale has a problem. Everyone in this room knows the people who are stealing the stuff in Rosedale. Whether it's my stuff or your stuff, but we aren't doing anything about it," said Brewer.

He said he would continue to speak out.

Brewer also said he is aware Rosedale is having financial problems.

"Nothing is going to be done until this board makes up their mind that they are tired of it, and want to get something done," said Brewer.

He recommended the city send out a 30 day notice to individuals with past due water bills.

"Give them 30 days to pay it up, if not they are in violation. They have broken the law. In other places they print their names and what the violations are and it is listed in the newspaper. With them knowing that their names are going to be in the paper with how much they owe, I bet you some of them are going to come in and say they will pay a little bit here and a little bit there," said Brewer.

Brewer said he believes this will generate money for the city.

Brewer added, "I'm going to come back, but we are making progress. Let us (the citizen) help make progress. Let's clean up the city. We have a long way to go."

Additionally, Councilwoman Debra Smith read a request from West Bolivar Elementary Principal Nathan Towers about hiring a safety cross guard to direct traffic at the school.

Towers wrote that because both schools are on Miss. Highway 1, there have been several instances where a student or teacher has almost been struck by a vehicle that was driving fast.

Towers requested a crossing guard from 7-7:45 a.m. and from 3:15-3:40 p.m.

No decision was made on the request.

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