Teacher collects school supplies for students Featured

After seeing a need for school supplies at Cleveland Central High School, teacher Emily Meredith began raising money to donate to her students.

“I’ve been getting school supplies donated for all the students at school, and I’ve been dressing up as the ‘school supplies fairy’ and going from class to class giving everything away. It’s been a lot of fun,” she said.

“I've found that making these available to everyone and carrying it out in this silly way of dressing up and making them smile and laugh makes it not embarrassing.

“It also fills a need. We have so many who don't have enough supplies and some that don't have any. These kids tend to shut down either from embarrassment or frustration.

“They're able to get what they need without feeling embarrassed, because everyone is getting involved, not just a few," said Meredith. “

I started it because I started seeing that we have a lot of kids who can’t afford or struggling to afford supplies at the beginning of each school year. Now that we’ve moved to block schedule, they’re really going to have a hard time having to fund supplies twice a year,” said Meredith.

Meredith is taking donations and has had several parents participate so far.

“Please keep our students in mind any time you go to a store that sells school supplies. Even if you can only donate two things, it makes a difference. Supplies aren’t only needed for schools start up.

“We have a bunch of teachers, including myself, who are setting up supply areas in their classrooms where students can get things like paper, notebooks, pens, and pencils as they run out of these things,” she said.

The items most needed are writing utensils, paper, notebooks, binders, and composition journals.

Items can be dropped off at CCHS or call Meredith at 601-813-4232 for pick up. 

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