Shelby mayor worried about city going to the dogs Featured

There has been an outbreak of dogs wandering around Shelby and Mayor Peggy Mengarelli, along with the board of alderman, is trying to figure out what could be done.

During Tuesday's regular meeting, Mengarelli said she and the board have come up with a contract to send to the board of supervisors concerning the outbreak.

Many of the residents in attendance at the meeting all agreed that it is time for something to be done about it.

"Some people walk out of their door in the morning and they're (the dogs) covering their porch, and they can't even get out the door for them," said Mengarelli.

Mengarelli said they have been in talk with the Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter to see what can be done.

"In the past, Shelby and some of the other smaller municipalities would help feed these animals and take care of them after they come and pick them up for us," Mengarelli said.

Mengarelli added that Shelby would help and feed the dogs and take of them if they need to.

She also mentioned there is nowhere to take the dogs in Shelby, but there are some citizens in the area who try and help the dogs.

The reason for the contract is to inform the supervisors of the dog outbreak and see if the board can help with finding the dogs a home.

Mengarelli said Alderwoman Bobbie Reed even sent her a photo of a group dogs as she was heading to work one morning.

Supervisor Preston Billings was present during the meeting and made a few comments about the dog outbreak.

Billings said, "I'm in my sixth year, and we have addressed this several times. We have a man from Mound Bayou over animal control who does a very good job."

Billings suggested the board send the letter to County Administrator Will Hooker, and that he will inform the board of supervisors about the dog outbreak in Shelby.

Billings said he has also seen many dogs together at once near his Shelby home.

Billing added, "We need dire assistance immediately because of this, as I like to call it, a dog uprising."

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