New votech programs target future careers Featured

North Bolivar Consolidated School District Superintendent Maurice Smith discussed with the board about implementing new programs for students in the district.

Smith believes it is vital to bring new programs to the district that will spark students’ interests.

"One of the problems that we have is that we need enough programs in vocational education so that we could offer a variety of things that our students needs," Smith said.

One of the programs that will be implemented in August 2018 is a Law and Public Safety Career Technical Program.

The Law and Public Safety Career Technical Program will allow the students of North Bolivar to explore careers in areas such as public administration, criminal justice, emergency management and fire protection.

"We will have that program and once we implement that, it will lead us to another program," said Smith.

The superintendent also discussed bringing a health care program to the district.

"We need to look at that because a lot of our students are graduating and they have interest going into the medical field.

"We can get the students started and some of them can have college credit by the time they enter a community college and senior college."

Smith said bringing a health care program would be an ongoing project that will become effective in about two years.

"When we look at some of our past graduates, a large percentage of those students go into the health care field. Many of those students become nurses, practitioners and etcetera," said Smith.

"So there is a lot of student interest in that field because they can get a job."

Smith said adding these new programs will give the students an opportunity to really think about what their future holds and it will give them a head start in their college career.

Smith said, "We just kind of cater into what our students are interested in, and we look for what interests our kids in the district and community."

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