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Dream comes true when Renova family plays ‘Price is Right’ Featured

Renova native Teneisha Wesley will be featured as a contestant on an episode of "The Price is Right” at 10 a.m. Dec. 28 on CBS.
Wesley, along with sisters Joyce Hall and Rochelle James, as well as brother-in-law Morries Hall, nephew Jamorris Hall, and boyfriend Mike Jackson, found themselves in Los Angeles after spending a week in Las Vegas.
"The purpose of the trip was to have a fun vacation with my sisters and to celebrate my oldest sister Joyce overcoming breast cancer," Wesley explained.
"Then we decided to spend a day in Los Angeles and head to the studio where the show is filmed."
Wesley said the show was a long-time family favorite growing up, especially for her mother Doris James, who is still a fan of the show.
"For over 15 years now, being on the show was something that I wanted to do," she added. "Especially for my mom because it was a dream come true for her that we were there."
Wesley and her family waited in line for two hours before making it into the audience of over 200 people.
"I was so excited," said Rochelle James. “We were on the third row and had no idea one of us would be called down."
Wesley added, "It was very exciting just to be in the studio and you see the various dreams come true for various people that actually get on the show.
"At that point it felt real to me. This is what we've been watching on TV with our mom and grandparents on school mornings when we sick and now here we are.' It was awesome!"
Wesley said she hoped one of her family members would be chosen but didn't expect it would be her.
"It was indescribable. It was almost like I'd heard my name, yet didn't. They had to say it again, and then I began to jump up and down. 'They called my name, they called my name.' I was so excited," said Wesley.
Still ringing with excitement, as she made it to the contestant row, she did what she called a James Brown split and began bidding on prizes.
She also met host Drew Carey, which she said was a dream come true.
"What I took away from this experience is if you think it, dream it and believe it, it's within your reach and you can actually accomplish it."
Because the episode has not aired yet, Wesley could not say whether or not she won any prizes.
"People going to have wait and see what happened on Dec. 28,"said Wesley.