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Cindy and DanCindy Bouler and Dan Gass are loving life as they got married in Las Vegas Saturday.   Lindsey and GrahamLindsey Rizzo and Graham Sbravati said their I dos Sunday at Las Vegas.  Married Group(From Left) Dan Gass, Cindy Bouler, Lindsey Rizzo and Graham Sbravati have developed a great friendship with each other as they bowl in the league together during the week.  Group pictureOn the same weekend that Dan Gass married Cindy Bouler and Graham Sbravati married Lindsey Rizzo, Dan and Graham were on one of two local bowling teams that competed in a national tournament in Las Vegas. Fellow bowlers as well as family and friends showed their support for the two couples. Sitting are (first row from left) Graham, Lindsey, Cindy, Dan (second row) Earl Oswalt, Becky Oswalt, Steve Johnston (Lindsey’s step father), Kim Johnston (Lindsey’s mother), Gena Aycock, Michael Aycock (third row) Jim Taylor, Eddie Gong, Kim Taylor, Georgia Edington, Denny Edington, Bobby Holder and Clement Jee. Not pictured is Paul Gladden and Jenny Ellis.

When people think about bowling and marriage, the two usually dont end up in the same sentence or even the same conversation.

For two local couples, bowling and marriage was inevitable and they wouldnt have it any other way.

Dan Gass, 52, and Cindy Bouler, 46, and Graham Sbravati, 30, and Lindsey Rizzo, 29, said their I dos in the city that never sleeps as they got married in Las Vegas.

Dan and Graham were part of a local team that was competing in the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships Saturday and Sunday. Lindsey and Cindy werent part of any bowling teams this weekend but they compete in the local bowling leagues during the week with Dan and Graham at FEC Harmony Lanes.

Dan and Cindy were married on Saturday at the Little White Chapel where stars like Michael Jordan, Brittney Spears, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, to name a few, have tied the knot, while Graham and Lindsey were married on Sunday at the MGM Grand outside under a cabana. 

Dan proposed to Cindy in January on her birthday and the bowling tournament was booked in February. Dan came up with the idea to get married in Vegas.

Dan said it wasnt a problem to schedule the wedding for that weekend as the wedding took place early Saturday.

We just worked it in between the bowling, Dan said. Actually, we did it before the bowling started because we bowled Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon so we did it Saturday morning.

Lindsey and Graham had been seeing each other for almost six years.

Lindsey said Graham proposed to her in a casual conversation one night relaxing at the house.

We were sitting on the couch one night and he goes Hey, do you want to get married while were in Vegas?’” Lindsey recalled.  I go, Yea, I guess so if thats what you what to do? He said, I want you to want to marry me, and I said, I figured if I so going to get married, you would be the one. He said, Do you want to just do it in Vegas? I said, Yea, lets just do it. That would be so much easier, and we could just get it over with. That is how that came about.

When Graham and Lindsey decided to get married, it was roughly a month before their trip to Las Vegas.

Lindsey said she didnt have much too worry about as far as planning.

My mom had three weeks to plan the wedding, Lindsey said. She was super excited. Her and Graham did everything, and I did nothing. I tried on a dress and picked out pink flowers. Thats exactly how much involved I was in this event. Graham picked out the songs.  Graham picked out songs by Coffey Anderson and Bruno Mars. Our exit song was Aint No Mountain High Enough. They did all of that. I didnt do anything.

Dan and Cindy have courted each other for five years. Dan said he wasnt really nervous about marrying Cindy even with the tournament going on.

There really werent any nerves, Dan said. Weve been together, so there really wasnt any nervousness. We got our friends and my sister flew in from Texas, so it was like a big get together. We just enjoyed the day.

Dan and Cindys wedding was originally scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday but some thing happened that delayed the wedding causing it to get pushed back to about 11:30.

We had a flat (tire) on the limo on the way to the church, Cindy said. We had to get out and everybody saw us that walked by and they just laughed. I thought it was funny. That helped my nerves big time.

Dan said the preacher that performed their ceremony was in good spirits.

The preacher we had doing it made it more informal, Dan said. He told jokes. It calmed the mood. He made it so easy.

Graham said his nerves were fine on Saturday. He felt better about his wedding day when he watched Dan and Cindy get married.

It calmed me down a little bit until the actual day hit, because theirs went so smooth, Graham said. It was a good experience just to watch them.

When the next day came, the butterflies went to work in Grahams stomach.

Sunday, when the time came to get married and bowl, I was a little nervous during the time of bowling, so I did not perform that great, Graham said with a chuckle. I was really nervous after I got done bowling, because I was fixing to get married.

When Graham got through bowling, he didnt have much time to get ready for his wedding with his bride-to-be Lindsey.

I got done bowling approximately before five oclock, and I had to be back and change and everything for the wedding at seven oclock, Graham said.

Lindsey knew her future husband was in a rush to get ready.

 I wasnt very nervous but Graham said he was super nervous, so he blames his bad bowling day on being nervous Sunday because he bowled right before we got married, Lindsey said. He had to leave, come to the hotel, shower, change and go down stairs. I wasnt nervous. The only thing I was nervous about was being late. I was late for everything, and I was cool with it. He said he was super nervous.

Lindsey and Grahams wedding was live streamed. Lindsey said their wedding didnt start on time either.

We got down there on time and then everybody else was coming but they ended up not having Wi Fi outside, so it started late, Lindsey said. We didnt have practice or anything, so I got lost walking up the aisle and didnt know where to go.

Graham said he remained nervous when he walked up to get married but he eventually settled down.

Walking out with everybody sitting there, I didnt have to did it come down an aisle like Lindsey did, but it was a big experience, Graham said.

Lindsey was more than thrilled with the atmosphere of the wedding particularly the weather. 

It was so much fun first of all because Vegas was awesome and the weather was perfect, Lindsey said. They told us it was usually cool for this time of the year. Normally, its 110 and it was like 75 so that was perfect.

Dan said the bowling part got better each day for him but still made it a little interesting as far as getting to his friends wedding.

The bowling part was bad Saturday but better Sunday, Dan said. With it being a national tournament, its a rough pattern to run. They basically got married an hour after we got done bowling Sunday, so we were rushing to get to everybody. They got married so quick after they got done bowling.

Dan didnt hide his feelings about Graham and Lindsey getting married on that same weekend.

I was just happy for them, Dan said. They came to ours, and we went to theirs.

 Lindsey said she had a great time watching Dan and Cindys wedding.

Oh my God, it was so sweet, Rizzo said. Cindy was super nervous, it looked like she was any way. It was so sweet. Theres was outside, and it was so cute. They said their vows and we didnt. We told the preacher we wanted to hurry up and get it over with. Their wedding was at the famous Little White Chapel were stars like Michael Jordan and Brittney Spears got married. It was pretty neat.

Bowling in the league during the week has enabled Dan, Cindy, Lindsey and Graham to become good friends.

Dan said everybody had fun being there for each other.

Our teammates were happy for us and happy for Graham and Lindsey, Dan said. Since were friends and teammates, everybody was happy for each other.

Graham felt it was fitting that they got married on a bowling trip with people they bowl with.

This is who we spend most of our time with, Graham said at the bowling alley. This and family and it was fitting for everyone that could make it to be there and see it.

Lindsey said getting married in Vegas during a bowling trip was something that never crossed her mind.

She said she has no regrets about the ceremony.

 Im so glad that we did, Lindsey said about getting in Vegas on a bowling trip. Its kind of perfect because we spend all our time up here (Harmony Lanes) anyway so were better to do it at Vegas while were bowling.

 Lindsey and Graham are planning on having their reception at Harmony Lanes.

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