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Michael AycockMichael Aycock bowled a perfect 300-game in league play on Nov. 15 at Harmony Bowling FEC.

Here recently my wife and I went bowling.

Its something we dont get a chance to do very often but when we do we enjoy it.

In the last couple of years some exciting things have happened with bowling. League bowling has come back to Cleveland since Harmony Bowling FEC opened up in the latter part of 2015.

In less than a two-year period, there have been three sanctioned 300-games in Cleveland and high school bowling has returned. Cleveland High School went to the Class I State Tournament last season, and Cleveland Central High School, the school that formed when Cleveland High and East Side consolidated, has won three of four matches this season and will have a home match on Thursday at Harmony.

Since November, Harmony Bowling FEC has been the site of two state tournaments sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress. The first one took place in early November with the Mississippi State Magic Age Womens Senior Tournament and the second one is the Mississippi State Seniors Bowling Tournament, which just completed its first weekend and will conclude this weekend starting Saturday.

The fact that Cleveland has hosted two state tournaments in a months time shows that bowling can bring in people from all over to enjoy the things this community has to offer.

These senior tournaments, which are for bowlers ages 50 and up, are also proof that bowling is a sport for all ages. These tournaments have a super senior division, which is for bowlers ages 75 and older. According to James Grimes, the Director of the Mississippi State Seniors Bowling Tournament, the oldest person in this years event is 80-year-old Neil Myers from West Point and the oldest bowler in the state is 97-year-old Warren E. Clark from Laurel. Grimes also confirmed that there are four 3-year-olds bowling out of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Association.

Any way you look at it, theres not a better time to get involved in bowling than right now. Bowling is a sport that can lay the foundation for an active, productive lifestyle.

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Sanctioned 300 games at Harmony Bowling FEC

League Play

Dan Gass — February 9, 2016

Michael Aycock — November 15, 2017

Seniors State Tournament

Tony Harris, December 3, 2017

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